Thursday, 17 December 2009

It's raining fluff... one of my kids said the other day in the playground. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a snow day, meaning no school. That would mean an extra day off. The kids have been going a little crazy lately - it being the end of term and all. And I really need a break.

Having said that, the other day during golden time, one of the Year 3 children who had come to do some Art really made my day. I was going round looking at some of the cards the children had made when the message in one of them caught my eye. It read:

To my wonderfull self

I have made a card to me because I love my chuby face. I agmire my cheeks. When I look in the mirer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

From B :)

(The spelling is all his).

I couldn't help but laugh. How cute is that?

Thursday, 3 December 2009


Places pegs have been found:
1. The bathroom
2. The fireplace
3. Under the sofa
4. Beneath my pillow
5. In the car seat
6. Underneath the tree outside our front door