Friday, 11 February 2011

Leisurely Sunday

Sundays have become my favourite day of the week. As a little girl, I used to hate it. I always thought it was so boring. Shops used to be closed. There was nothing interesting to watch on TV. Sundays just dragged on and on and on. Sundays now usually means a day out with the hubby and little one. We don't always have anything planned but we almost always go out.

Last Sunday, for instance, saw us at the Columbia Flower Market. Whenever we drove to Central London we would always see people with their arms laden with bunches of flowers. And, every time we would see them, the hubby and I agreed we would make our way down there one day and check it out for ourselves. It always seemed like the market were giving the flowers away for free from the sheer number of people walking down the road with their arms full.

With lightning streaking across the sky and a little thunder rumbling in the air, we made our way to Columbia Road. We were not disappointed. The atmosphere was wonderful...stall sellers shouting out unbelievable bargains; crowds of people just leisurely walking down the road and the flowers - the beautiful, beautiful flowers. Even the little quaint shops with their quirky names lining the street added to the charm of the place.

The little one was in his element, he being a lover of flowers. I got myself a bunch of mixed flowers (I regret not getting some roses) and a little pot of Snowdrops. After umming and ahhing over what flowers to buy, taking dozens of pictures and overcoming our disappointment at missing out on churros and hot chocolate, we made our way across the road to Hackney City Farm.

The Boogster, who was so much more braver over the summer when I took him, no longer felt the need the chase the chickens and even though he was fascinated by the moo-moo didn't get half as close as the other children.

It was a lovely weekend. I wonder what this Sunday brings.

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Growing up, I always wanted a sister. My twin brothers had one another. I had them too but it was different. It wasn't just that they were twins, they were brothers. Some of my closest friends have sisters and seeing them together makes me wish I had someone I could always have a laugh with, confide in, borrow handbags and shoes from. I've been asked on occasion what it's like being an only girl. I don't really know any different. I can only imagine what it would be like to have a sister.

And oh, sometimes even now at 34 years old, I wish I had a sister.