Saturday, 29 August 2009

Acquired Tastes

On my 18 and half birthday, a very close friend of mine gave me a copy of U2's Achtung Baby. I remember this very clearly because he also gave another close friend a copy of the soundtrack to The Piano. I remember this for two reasons:

1. I wanted the soundtrack to The Piano.
2. I wanted the soundtrack to The Piano.

He scrawled a note across the sleeve that said: "For your 18 and half birthday, something to remember me by when you are making a pot roast and I have a pot belly." At the time - and I didn't tell him this - I just thought U2 were noise and that Bono couldn't sing. And then one day, after listening to the album for the upteenth time, it dawned on me. U2 were the greatest band on earth!

I had acquired a taste for U2.

Other tastes I have acquired over the years: olives and marmite (separately of course, not together).

And to think, this post came into being because of the crate of Dr. Pepper sitting in the dining room. Why? Well, I always thought it tasted too medicinal. Now, it's actually quite nice when it's chilled and has a couple of ice cubes in it!

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