Sunday, 19 September 2010

Jelly Belly

I wasn't exactly a size 10 before i got pregnant. In fact, I've never been a size 10. Ever. Except for maybe before I hit puberty. But I didn't have a jelly belly. I have not been able to shift the one I gained since I've had the Boogster. Not that I've been doing much to try. I love my food too much and hardly have time to exercise. I keep catching glimpses of myself every now and then and keep thinking "Got to lose weight."

And then I came across a friend's comment on Facebook. She had a baby a year ago and is trying out the Special K diet. A friend of hers was being very encouraging and told her she'd be back in her size 8s soon. To which my friend replied,"Don't think I'll ever be a size 8 again but my tummy will always tell others I have a beautiful baby boy."

Loving her stance on her jelly belly.

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