Saturday, 19 March 2011

Afternoon Ritual

For the last two afternoons when I've gotten home from work, my little one has joined me in what I hope will become an afternoon ritual. During my lunch break on Thursday, I went out with a friend for lunch. On the way back to school we stopped off at Waitrose where I picked up a cherry and geranium cupcake which had been reduced because it was going to go past its sell by date that day. At home that afternoon, the little one and I sat at the kitchen counter on our high stools, him with his little mug of milk and me with a cup of steaming hot chai and we shared the cupcake. It was absolutely lovely.

The following day was Red Nose Day and the Year 6s were holding a cake sale at the end of the day. My classroom is strategically placed in that it leads directly to the staffroom outside which the girls were setting up their stall. Before I had even let the kids go, I opened my door, beckoned one for the girls to me and bought a blueberry muffin and a slice of Victoria sponge cake from her. I managed not to scoff them both before I got home. As I was making my chai, the little one asked me to pick him up and put him on his stool. He then asked for his "meek" (milk) and cake. And so we spent another afternoon sharing a cupcake over a cup of tea and a cup of milk.

Nothing beats coming home and having some cake and tea with my son.


  1. Assalam-alaikam,
    sounds like a sweet little ritual. I used to work from home Fridays and pick my youngest from nursery and then go shopping for fruit before having a leisurely lunch. Now every time I have a day off and pick him up, he declares its time to go fruit shopping.

  2. Meek & cake! What a beautiful image. Your posts give me so much to look forward to, inshAllah.