Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Being a book-lover, I have always been very anti-e-readers. Nothing, for me, could ever replace the weight and feel of a book in my hands. Plus, I'm one of those readers who likes to flick to the end before she's finished reading just to make sure all ends well. And so I found myself making my whole "nothing can ever replace a book" spiel when I found myself chatting to a friend of a friend while waiting for said friend to arrive at her own birthday dinner. The friend of my friend, L, was adamant she has also been anti-Kindle until she actually tried one. We talked about Kindle vs. the Kindle app on the iPad, discussing important issues such a the back-light on the iPad not allowing for proper reading in daylight etc. All the while, I still maintained my anti-e-readerness. Don't get me wrong, I love my gadgets. But for me, a book is a book.

Three weeks later, I was still thinking about my conversation with L. I did my research. I went to look at demos of the Kindle in my local Curry's store. I caved. I bought one. I love my new Kindle.

No, it doesn't replace a book. I will still buy books. However, I am now a Kindle convert and currently reading a teen book called Portal on it. Now I'm looking for crochet patterns to make myself a cover for my beloved Kindle. I have totally taken myself by surprise. Who would have thought? Me and my Kindle.

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