Saturday, 3 November 2012

Away and back again

It has been an awfully long time since I last checked in. Not too long after my last post, I found out I had bun no.2 in the oven and have had a hard time of it ever since. This included a trip to the hospital for hyper-emesis - an extreme form of morning sickness- and an aversion to the smell of food being cooked throughout the almost nine months that it has been. Throw in working full time and being a mum to an almost four year old, I have no idea what has happened to time. Having said that, I do feel as if I have been pregnant forever. And ever. The end is almost in sight.

Maternity leave has begun (it officially begins on the 5th) and I have found myself nesting by crocheting like crazy. I bought a couple of patterns from Etsy and have already made a little cardigan and some booties. I also made some bunting for my son's upcoming birthday. The little cardigan pattern is from Mon Petit Violin and the booties from Two Girls Patterns. I will have to post pictures next time since my iPad won't let me at the moment.

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