Saturday, 10 August 2013

Each and every night for the last two weeks of Ramadan I intended to post pics for the Ramadan Journal and I failed miserably at it. Instead, I've been packing then re-packing, then unpacking and packing again. I honestly don't think it will stop till the shippers come and we finally get on the plane.

We've had three different shipping companies in and had three very different estimates on how much stuff we have. It's been quite an experience. I now have to send the quotes I have to the HR department and they get back to me with the company I should go with.

Besides all the packing, we celebrated Eid at my Aunt's house as we do every year for both Eids. I have always wanted to make a big celebration out of it so it's something my children will look forward to but it just wasn't possible this Eid. Maybe once we're in Abu Dhabi it'll be easier. Eid,for me as a child, was always so very boring.

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary marking six years of being married to a wonderful though often infuriating man! It's like having three kids instead of two sometimes. I also celebrate my birthday and move to Abu Dhabi. It's a big month ahead...

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