Friday, 19 June 2009

Filipino Street Food

I miss Filipino street food. We visited the Philippines last year over the summer before Lil Dude was born. Despite warnings that the food might give me "Dehli" belly, I had to sample the various treats on offer. We didn't even have to move from our seats on the front porch. We would be ready with our bowls, money in hand, waiting on the Taho man to come walking by yelling "Taaaaho! Taaaaho!" Ammi, my mum, would call his attention in tagalog and we'd find ourselves with bowls of steaming hot taho (it's like sweet tofu served with syrup and tapioca). Other times we'd have sweet corn served with dessicated coconut (I forget what it's called) and my favourite would be the quail eggs fried in batter that you dipped in different types of vinegar. That last one would always go down realy nicely with a cool glass of gulaman. Yum. I can't wait to take the Boogster to the Philippines and have him try out Filipino street food.

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