Sunday, 28 June 2009

Teething Problems

The Boogster is teething. And this means he's cranky, clingy and restless. Plus, he chews on his fist, my cheek and even his high chair table - just not on his teether. Bless him. He's having hard time of it at the moment. It can be frustrating for the both us but there are moments of pure joy. Like today for instance. He has this new thing where he scrunches up his face and whinges. His eyes crinkle at the corners, his dimple shows and he lets out a little moan. He was doing this to me while I was feeding him lunch. Enter my brother who then starts making faces back at him. What does the Boogster do? He flashes his a very gummy smile. The kind that goes from ear to ear. Crafty little bum! It's moments like those though that I really enjoy.

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