Friday, 23 October 2009

Almost one

The Boogster will be 1 year old on 5th November. One year old! How time has flown! A while ago I bought a diary so I could note down all the new things he does in it and then give it to him when he turned 21. It still lies with the price tag on it on my bookshelf. I will get around to it one of these days.

One of his teeth has finally made an appearance after months of teething pains, drooling and waking up at night crying (and I forgot to mention the chewing on my face). Its the top one but I think one of the bottom ones is soon to join it. He's taking it quite good naturedly. The Teetha powders help too. A friend suggested Ashton and Parson's powders which I think do the same thing.

He also has a new favourite song. It used to be Kanye West's Amazing which his dad used to play him all the time and he would jig up and down to. Now my mum has him hooked on Nusrat Fateh Ali's Mustt Mustt. I think it's the tablas that get him moving!

Other new things he's started doing: pointing to things he wants and say "Oh, oh", making a beeline for the laptop whenever he sees me or his dad turning it on and then proceeding to find all sorts of shortcuts we didn't know existed and waving bye-bye.

Watching him grow up and learn new things everyday never ceases to amaze me. It's such a pleasure seeing his not-so-toothless grin when he's worked out how to take the lid off the Vaseline tub and other such discoveries. At the moment he's fast asleep snoring. Little baby snores because he has a blocked nose from a cold that he's had. Since this is his first cold, I went out and bought everything I could to make it easier for him - Nasosal saline drops, Olbas Oil, Karvol Vapour rub, a nasal aspirator (which he won't let anywhere near his nose), the works. The only things I found of use were Vaseline (to ease the sore nose) and the Olbas oil. I did this in the beginning too...buying things I thought I would need and then discovered I had no use for. I'll leave that for another post though.

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