Saturday, 26 September 2009


I love ironing. There's something so therapeutic about it. I just love how creases just smooth away under an iron. Strange thing to love, I know. I think I might ask the hubby to buy me a steam iron.


  1. can you come over and iron for us? ;-) we hate it!

  2. salaam alaikum sister,
    A word of advise: don't buy a steam iron. It can be very addictive. My husband despairs at my staying late (well after midnight) to iron everybody's clothes. I even iron pyjamas & all my baby's clothes.
    I did say it was addictive...

  3. Salaam Maz,

    I iron pjs too! And my baby's clothes. I am so getting a steam iron! I am so sad!

  4. A steam iron is very good, once you get one you can't go back.

    I used to be obsessed with ironing, but I can't recall exactly when I lost the obsession. And hence I don't enjoy it anymore.