Saturday, 12 September 2009

Out and about with the Little One

In my pre-mummy days, I used to love wandering up and down Oxford and Regent Street, browsing in shops, darting in between stragglers like all seasoned Londoners do and I always wondered why parents would want to cart around their little ones in often cumbersome looking pushchairs with all the other accompanying paraphernalia that usually accompanied travelling with a baby.

I get it now. I so get it.

You go crazy stuck at home otherwise!

It just never occurred to me before mummyhood. It seemed like a hassle and in the beginning - for me - it was. My hubby is a gem though. He is the one who coaxed me out and I'm so glad he did. He's also the one who looks after the Boogster when we're out and about. My dodging round people days have come to end and now people have to dodge round me. My browsing days are also over but just getting out is enough. We all enjoy it - the Boogster especially.

The getting ready part was also such a pain in the beginning. I was always forgetting something - a bib, baby wipes, sun hat....I've got it all down like a pro now and I can be out of the house in under 10 minutes flat with everything I need (nappies, wipes, food, water, a toy and a muslin cloth). I used to take everything. And I mean everything. Spare change of clothes, extra blanket for just in case, 2 bibs, lotion, camera to take that all important picture. The key is to travel light, especially important if you plan on travelling by tube and need to carry an almost 10kg baby in his pushchair up and down those stairs.

Not too long ago, the three of us went to Portobello Road. For a while I thought we were the only crazy ones to take a baby and pushchair to such a crowded place. That is until I saw a pregnant woman with her hubby and their twins! Now that is brave!

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