Saturday, 26 September 2009


It was Eid last Sunday and, in our household, Eid is usually uneventful. This Eid, however, Ammi decided she wanted to go for Eid prayers so I took her, the hubby and the Boogster to Palmers Green Mosque. I have not been for Eid prayers before so it was quite an experience. We followed prayers with a walk to the high road to check out the market stalls set up in honour of Car Free Day and then spent the evening at my aunt's where Boogie got to see his cousins. It was an all in all enjoyable experience though I have decided to go the whole nine yards next time i.e. buying a new outfit, bangles and henna. The whole shebang!


  1. and why not . You deserve the whole shebang! go for it sister!