Thursday, 19 November 2009

Five Second Chilli Chocolate

Five Second Chilli Chocolate

On a not-so-recent trip to Lakeside I was enticed into Hotel Chocolat
by its gorgeous window display. The hubby is a chocoholic and also
wanted to have a "look around." We ended up going for the 3 for £7
deal and I thought I might try the 5 Second Chilli. I have to
admit, the sound of chillies in chocolate didn't sound appetising at
all. I'm not even sure what made me buy a pack. I love chillies (I
have 7 different types of chilli sauces) but chillies in chocolate? It
surely had to be horrible.

I have never been so wrong! Chillies and chocolate - pure genius.
There's just enough in it to leave a little heat in your mouth.

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