Sunday, 29 November 2009

Toddling, Pegs and Aeroplanes

For the last couple of weeks, the Boogster would only walk if he had
one of our hands tightly gripped in his own. Woe to anyone who would
let go! Stop and you're subjected to a mini tantrum. He loves walking
so much that it doesn't matter to him if he's falling over with
tiredness, he'd still be determined to walk.

We tried a couple of times to gently let go and he wouldn't have any
of it. He'd sit on his bottom, lean over so his head would almost
touch the floor and start pretend crying. That is until last Saturday.
I let go and he walked not one, not two, not even three but four
shakey steps to his grandad - big grin on his face. And now he's even
trying on his own. Today he kept pulling himself up using the edge of
the sofa and then toddle his way across the sitting room, arms out to
maintain his balance. He even stopped mid-step to turn and veer in
another direction. You would think with all this extra exercise he'd
start sleeping through the night but no. Still no sleeping through the
night for me.

The Boogster has also got some strange fascination for pegs. Wooden
ones to be exact. On his journey through the kitchen he always makes a
pit stop at the peg basket where he'll pick up a peg. If a plastic peg
makes it into his hand it's promptly dropped into the floor and he'll
go fishing for another till he gets a wooden one. Then, peg firmly
gripped in his hand, he'll start walking. Like you mustn't stop
walking unless he stops, you must NOT take the peg away. The boy can
have a peg gripped in his hand for half an hour without letting go!
It's become something like a security blanket. Pegs are scattered

Pegs aren't the only current favourites of the Boogster though. We've
found that every morning he likes to sit on the back of the sofa that
looks out onto the street. From this perch he'll survey the street and
more importantly the sky. He hears it before he sees it sometimes.
When he does, he points to the aeroplane and says "Ooooh ooooh". The
joy on his face is priceless.

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