Friday, 27 August 2010

Creative Juices

Before the Boogster was born, I made my own baby book for him. I loved designing the layout for each page and it all came together quite nicely. Two friends in particular, really loved it and so I made one for one and gave the other all the necessary materials to make her own. Now that my original scrapbook is finished, I plan on making another one to document the summer holidays. I have all these brilliant ideas in my head - some from a magazine called Scrapbook Inspirations which has some absolutely gorgeous layouts. I've been collecting different materials for mine: tube maps; photos, wrapping paper; Happy Meal boxes etc and once I have the pictures developed, can get started on making it.

I also want to get back to making some jewellery and doing some crochet. I can only do all of this when the Boogster is asleep of course because he's just going to want to join in. I have visions of him poking his eye out with a crochet hook! I blame this sudden burst of creativity on Etsy of course. Every time I log onto the site, there's something I want to buy or make myself. I have already virtually spent millions on that site.

Through Scrapbook Inspirations, I also came across another blog called The Write Start. I've been reading the blog for the last month or so and absolutely LOVE it. She has some amazing ideas and I love how it's all linked with developing writing and fine motor skills whilst making it fun for children and adults alike. Plus, I want her little work area. It's so organised.

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