Sunday, 31 October 2010

Weaning Day 6

I was going to wean the Boogster cold turkey. Then I changed my mind. It just seemed too cruel. I can't even bring myself to let him "cry it out" to go to sleep, I cried when he was circumcised and so how did I ever think I could wean him cold turkey?

I decided to do it gradually instead. For the first couple of days I dropped the day feeds. Then I decided to drop the bed-time feed. This one had me in tears. On the first night of no bed-time feed, I had gone to a friend's so my mother made the Boogster sleep. He didn't cause her much trouble as he's used to her making him sleep when I'm not around. Night 2 was worse. He wanted to feed so much and initially took it to be a joke when I told him no and kept handing him a bottle of milk. When he got really tired, he just cried and cried and cried and wanted lots of comforting. I picked him up, gave him lots of hugs and he fell eventually fell asleep with is head in my shoulder. After he had fallen asleep, I cried too.

Night 3 was a doddle. I was expecting much the same as night 2 but he actually fell asleep whilst in bed playing on my iPhone. We did tire him out properly though and only put him in bed when he looked like he was about to drop. We did pretty much the same tonight too only I got the hubby to put him to bed. He turned on Michael Buble's "Feeling Good" and hubby says he was asleep within 10 seconds.

The plan seems to be working. He's stopped asking for feeds during the day and is only fed at night. I will be dropping those feeds one at a time until it's just the morning one left. That one I hear, is the hardest. Only one way of finding out...

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