Wednesday, 5 June 2013

And so the paperwork begins...

Apart from the shopping and the packing and then being back at school after maternity leave ended last week, I have been busy getting papers attested and filling in forms. The UAE like to have degree certificates attested so first I had to get them notarised by a notary public, they've been sent off to the FCO in Milton Keynes for legalisation and then they need to be attested by the UAE embassy here. To add to all of that, since I got married in Pakistan, my marriage certificate needs to be attested by the Foreign Ministry there and the UAE embassy in Pakistan! Oh, and I just realised my son's passport expires February of next year so need to renew that too.

On a more cheerier note: 35 working days left till the summer holidays!

Off to bed I go. I have school tomorrow!

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