Friday, 21 June 2013

Too much on my plate

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Wow! It's been a busy few weeks. I'm back at school full time and in between supporting a Year 4 class, covering for PPA in other classes and then running around to find somewhere to pump breast milk during the break, I've also been sending documents to my new school and trying to pack!

There are certain things I still need to find out such as what happens to my Teachers Pension if I work abroad, do I still continue to be part of a union here etc etc and once I find out I'll post it in case anyone else is interested to know.

Of my various projects I wanted to start, I began on my daughter's scrapbook, finished one panel of 11 for my friend's baby blanket and printed out the quotes for my other friend's secret project. I haven't even looked at my web designing course or the TEFL. I'm only blogging because the little guy is playing his much loved Lego Batman game and the little one is having an unexpected nap!

It's raining as I type and though I know everyone else is wondering where the supposed heat wave has gone, I'm enjoying it. I sat down and had a green tea with a cranberry and orange cookie (that apple cider vinegar drink has begun to curb my appetite and I feel much fuller for longer - I've also lost a bit of weight!) so I thought I'd treat myself to a cookie and not feel guilty about it.

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