Thursday, 14 March 2013

Milk on demand

I have breast-fed just about everywhere: in the car; in a Size? changing room; disabled toilets; on a sofa in the middle of M&S; at a party held in a hotel hall (had to find a little nook and turn to face the wall as there was nowhere else that was discreet enough); Costco...the list goes on. And I've seen all manner of breast-feeding paraphernalia from butterflies to almost curtain rod like contraptions. I have to admit I got drawn in by the breast feeding butterfly and bought one from EBay for a tenner. It was the fact that it covered your back and sides while you fed that hooked me in. I had managed by always making sure I wore a camisole underneath my t-shirts to maintain some modicum of modesty.  I had my chance to try it when I was at my cousin's place and my little marshmallow wanted a feed.

Much as I loved the concept I found it difficult to use. It restricted me in such a way that I could not adjust the baby on the side where it was stitched to cover my side. I could adjust her on the open side but couldn't get my arm in to move her around on the other. I suppose I could have adjusted her from outside of the butterfly but I felt like I was smothering her. At home all I use when my brother is around is a scarf. That's when it came to me...a scarf snood would do the trick. I was going to make myself one by just sewing two ends of a fairly large scarf  together when I found some in my local Primark. Good old Primark. It only cost £4. I now keep it my handbag for when my little daughter decides she needs a feed in public and it gives me the peace of mind knowing I don't always have to ask shops if I can use their changing rooms (especially in places like Covent Garden). I have to say though, if you ever find yourself in Westfield in Shepherds Bush, the parents rooms are amazing - the ones in the Stratford one aren't too shabby either.

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