Monday, 1 April 2013

Baby stuff

With my first child, I ended up buying a lot of things I thought I needed but then found no use for at all.  I used to go to those baby and toddler shows and get sucked in by things like leather bibs and expensive cots by Stokke (always wanted one but didn't buy one). Some people have realised what a huge market there is in marketing baby equipment you feel you must get for your little one. And what parent doesn't want the best for their child?

With my second, I have been much wiser. Other than the breastfeeding butterfly, I have not succumbed to buying anything though the temptation is always there. I even have my little girl wearing her brother's baby grows and onesies. The doctor even said, "Let's check your manhood" because she was wearing a blue onesie to her 8 week check up!!!

Changing bags are so expensive! They can range from £40 for a reasonably nice one to about £100! Much as I wanted a nice one, I made do with the free one you get when you join the Boots parenting club. Used it for my son and am using it for my daughter now. I also never got a changing unit. I didn't see the point. Once baby can start rolling over it becomes a dangerous place to put the baby. The moses basket, sofa, bed have all worked out just as well with a changing mat underneath baby. Those nappy bins, in my opinion, also a waste of money. I just put the nappies into a nappy sack and throw it out straight away (I also have a little bin in my bedroom for night time changes just for nappies).

Things I did buy which I found useful are:

* a moses basket (you can take it from room to room)
* a play gym from Asda during their baby even so it only cost £16 (those things can cost upto £60)
* a baby monitor
* an extra car seat (again from Asda for £25) so I didn't have to keep taking it out of one car to put in the other
* the Annabel Karmel book on for recipes for baby food
* a Lansinoh breast pump

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