Sunday, 7 April 2013

My favourite baby products

Here are some of my favourite baby buys:

1. Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter: It's amazing stuff. It keeps my baby's bottom nice and rash free, it smells gorgeous AND it became a hit with other mummies as an inexpensive face-cream.

2. Waitrose Baby Solid Coconut Massage Oil : I started using this when my son was a baby after he had his bath. He's four now and I still use it on him. It's got a subtle smell of vanilla and coconuts and really moisturises his skin. Some coconut scents can be very overpowering. 

3. Halos and Horns bath products: Not only do these smell divine, they are also SLS and paraben free and do not irritate sensitive skin. 

4. Huggies Pure wipes: I don't like scented wipes. Apart from the fact that I like baby products to be as "organic" as possible, scented wipes give me a headache! These work a treat! I usually use cotton balls and warm water at home when changing baby. The wipes are for when we're out and about. Plus, they are good at cleaning up just about everything from spilt drinks to dirty faces. 

5. Vital Baby Breast Pads: I have used many different types of breast pads and these are by far my favourites. They don't leak, they stay in place even when I don't use the sticky adhesive backs and they are big but slim - i.e have more coverage. I've only just discovered these.

6. Naty Disposable Nappy bags: Unscented, compostable nappy bags. Need i say more?

7. Kiddylicious Apple Crisps: Ok, so these are not baby products per se but these snacks are to oh so yummy. I have to stop myself from nicking my son's apple crisps. I think I just have to buy myself some next time. 

8. And while we're on the subject of food, this book has been indispensable.

Hmm, my tummy's rumbling and it's almost midnight. Midnight snack is in order...

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